Turkish Marble

Turkish Marble is one of the most used natural stones since the old ages. Marble is one of the most preferred natural stone in construction, interior and exterior decorations, production of the decoration stuff and in the world of art. That’s because of the marble’s naturality and aesthetical look.

What are the specialties of the Turkish Stone?

Turkish Marble can be found in White color in the nature. But it can be in different colors like red, pink, yellow or black because of the reactions with the different materials whilst its natural formation. Marble is made of calcid crystals as a chemical structure. As a result, it is found magnesium carbonate and nearly %90 percent ofcalcium carbonate, in the marbles.

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Turkish Stone, as known as Turkish Marble is one of the most preferred natural stone in the world. Turkish marble is indispensable part of the interior and exterior decorations because of its endurable structure, natural and elegant look and its wide range of product. Turkish marble has all of the specialties for application on different surfaces and places. At the same time travertine and limestone, which is the fundamental part of the marble, is also used as a pavement in engineering and construction industry.


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Turkish Marble

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Afyon Marble
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Afyon Marble

Afyon marble is placed in top of the marble lists in the world as one of the most quality marble. Afyon marbles is processed as slabs and presented for use. These slabs, which are produced by cutting block marbles in measurements, is used in exterior and interior decorations and floor covering. Marble can be presented to the use by tumbling and polishing for using in dry and wet floors.

Marble, limestone and travertine products, which are most popular natural stones, produced as mosaic, pavement or tiles as they can be used in any kind of surface or floor. In today’s world, Turkish stones are applied in different living spaces such as workplaces and houses. Marbles and other natural stones like, limestones and travertines can be used as countertops and other areas beside of pavement and cocvering. These products’ prices are rated by kinds and measurements of the product.

Limestones, which is one of the fundamental part of the marble, and travertines are used for the same purposes as well. Limestone and travertines are preferred in many different industries. Limestone’s mostly used industries are decoration, construction and building. All of the Afyon Turkish natural stones have specialties that let them cut easily. With these specialties it provides easy-use all the time

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What is the specialty of Marble?

Marble is one of the indispensable product of the construction industry because of its unique natural structure and durability. Marbles’ specialty is what makes it appealing. Marble’s first specialty because of being natural stone is rigidity. Marbles, which is a rigid natural stones, are used in floor covering and in door sills generally. Silicate minerals’ density determines the rigidity of the marbles.

What are the specialties of the Turkish Stone?

Marbles can be in different colors beside white. White marbles are the most preferred and considered as the best kind of marble. There is pink, red, yellow and black marbles beside the white ones. Marbles becomes colorful because of the different materials getting mixed in its natural formation progress


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What are the Turkish Stones?
What is the specialty of Marble?
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What are the specialties of the limestone?

Limestone is one of the most extracted stone in Afyon region. Limestones, which is a kind of carbonated sedimentary rock, are fundamental part of the marbles at the same time. Limestones are also raw materials part of the lime beside of being the fundamental part of the marbles. Limestones are the most used material since the old ages. Limestones’ formation areas are seas, freshwater areas and the groundwater.

Limestones is always one of the most preferred building material amongst Afyon stones. As it mentioned above, the natural formation of the limestone, it’s getting ready in use after it’s processed. Limestones can also be used in cement production and in agriculture industry beside engineering industry and decoration. It is also preferred often in sugar, glass, tyre, paper and paint production industries

What are travertines’ specialties?

Travertines draw the attention as the most appealing products amongst turkish stones. Travertines which has the structure of marbles are natural stones which forms as limestone. Travertines, which is forms as sedimentary rocks, forms naturally near the thermal areas. It has a fibrous look because of its calcium carbonate strucure, just like the marbles.

Travertines’, which forms naturally because of the sedimentaion in thermal areas, one of the important specialty is being rigid, endurable and has a crystal structure. Travertines’, which has a sedimentary structure getting accumulated in thermal areas, colors are white or cream. They can be seen in rusty colors because of the reaction with different materials while its natural formation. Travertines is mostly used in constructon industry and covering industry nowadays.

What are the Turkish Stones?

Turkish stones, which also known as Turkish marble, limestone and travertines can be used in construction and decoration industry especially in floor covering, steps, kitchen decorations, bathroom decorations and in carrier columns. Because of it’s endurable it used in malls, hospitals , hotels and living spaces like those, which has the high circulation of people

Usage of the Afyon Stone, as known as Afyon natural stones, in living spaces provides great convenience in terms of obtaining a hygenic environment because of its easily cleanable structure, and elegant look. Turkish stones are more endurable and more durable than the other kind of building and covering materials.

  • Marble, Limestone and Travertine Mosaics
  • Marble, Limestone and Travertine Slabs
  • Marble, Limestone and Travertine Tiles
  • Marble and Travertine Pavers
  • Marble, Limestone and Travertine Moldings
  • Marble and Travertine Pool Copings

The kinds of the Turkish natural stones that mentioned above is on sale on our website called Enfal Stone, with proper prices for everyone’s budget. Turkish natural stones is always provided by Enfal Stone to you with proper measurements which suits your projects. Our Industry-Leader company, which is operating in Afyonkarahisar Province of Turkey, is producing the Marble, Limestone and travertine products in its factory which suits for your needs.

What are the Turkish Stones?
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